Over the past years, O Psych has supported the following transformation efforts from a psychological perspective:

Consulting: Psychological Strategies for Business Transformation

We consult businesses on the psychological aspects of business transformation. Our major strength is in clarifying outcomes of the transformation projects and designing a psychological journey to increase buy-in, engagement and performance of people.

Our design strategies are evidence-based and community-driven. The outcomes of the transformation projects are measured and used to further strengthen the people and performance system.

Our psychologically designed facilitation program in a particular project named “What’s your next?” was utilized and scaled across the entire organization because of the “magic” that it had as a high impact-low resistance-low effort strategy..

Leadership and Team Resilience Coaching and Facilitation

O Psych are experts in psychological and energetic approaches to strengthening leadership and team dynamics. We are often cited by clients as “The ultimate game changers” with a track record of being able to transform “silo” and even toxic teams into high collaboration-high will teams within just 2 facilitated team facilitation days or across 4 team coaching sessions.

We utilize a systems theory that leverages on the connection and energy of every single team members to strengthen and raise consciousness, performance and collaboration in a record speed of time. Further, it is done effortlessly, with participants often feeling like it has been a deeply relaxing yet incredibly life-changing experience for them.

Certifications for Transformation & Resilience

1. Certification in “The Psychology of Business Transformation”:

In a research conducted by O Psych, 100% of managers were leading transformation projects, yet 100% of the same managers had never been upskilled on the psychology of transformation. Due to this lack of skill, 87% of the time, transformation efforts fail, workload increases and there is a backlash in transformation efforts. O Psych’s “The Psychology of Business Transformation” provides relief and awareness to managers who are leading transformation projects as well as simple tools and techniques to lead their teams through the waves of this phenomena known as transformation. O Psych’s principles and theories are grounded on evidence-based practices in the field of business management and psychology.

2. Certification in “Integrating Wellness as a Corporate Strategy”:

As organizations begin to take wellness seriously, they find themselves struggling to understand how to incorporate wellness as part of their corporate strategy. In this certification, key stakeholders will be upskilled in understanding what wellness really means and how to institutionalize wellness as a corporate strategy to increase business performance as well as the quality of life of employees.

3. Certification in “Building Psychological Resilience”:
As rates of change and stress increase, it is critical that employees themselves take ownership of their own resilience and well being. In this certification, O Psych takes individuals on a journey of resilience to take full ownership of their well-being as they learn skills on how to increase their awareness and skills of resilience in the moment as well across periods of challenges. This program has been run over 2000 times and has had a consistent rating of 3.8 out of 4 with a 100% net promoter score.
4. Certification in “Building Team Resilience”:
O Psych upskills managers on how to take teams on a journey of resilience as they face current or upcoming challenges. This journey is often heart warming and immediately strengthens the team bond at a deep psychological and emotional level. This bond often helps them to push complex projects through with greater ease and joy. O Psych also provides managers with certifications in running these programs internally. This program has been often cited as “the ultimate game changer”.