Meet Our CEO - Hetal Doshi

Hetal Doshi is an Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Professional Coach who has been in practise for over 20 years. 

She is a well sought after and loved psychological strategist who helps organizations achieve their success without compromising team dynamics and well-being. She has been appointed to design psychological strategies to achieve business goals in large scale transformation projects including Malaysia Airlines, Digi Telecommunications and PETRONAS that involve anywhere from 2,000 to 50,000 employees.  As an Adjunct Professor to 3 universities, she is famous for her data-driven and evidence-based ‘Butterfly Effect” approach. Her purpose in life is to make work worth-it for all. Her favourite quote is “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.”

She loves climbing the mountains of Nepal, diving, reading classics, painting  and entertaining friends on her infamous Balcony. She serves as a monthly speaker on BFM and has been invited to share her insights on various media outlets, including Capital TV, BERNAMA, and international platforms. Additionally, she has been featured in prominent magazines such as International Business Review Magazine, SME Asia Magazine, and Smart Investor Magazine.

O Psych’s Services

Make work worth it! Increase your organization’s performance without compromising positive team dynamics and well-being via O Psych’s Services

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O Psych’s Services

Make work worth it! Increase your organization’s performance without compromising positive team dynamics and well-being via O Psych’s Services

O Psych’s Services

Make work worth it! Increase your organization’s performance without compromising positive team dynamics and well-being via O Psych’s Services



Our purpose is to be a psychological partner to transforming organizations with the intention of enhancing overall employee well-being, team dynamics and organizational performance.

Our CEO and Organizational Psychologist, Hetal Doshi partners with organizations as a Consultant Organizational Psychologist to design transformation efforts that increases chances of success from -87% to + 70%.

Her evidence-based and psychological approach to business transformation has been applied to organizations including Malaysia Airlines, Digi Telecommunications and Petronas. She has also designed and facilitated over 2,000 transformation workshops with over 50 companies across 20 countries to take employees through a meaningful and transformative journey to achieve business goals. Her purpose in life is to equip individuals to experience psychological freedom, increase opportunities for magical team dynamics and to strengthen performance systems in organizations especially during tough times.

Media Appearances


Hetal Doshi is an Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Professional Coach who was in practice for ten years before setting up O Psych in 2014. Originally from Singapore, Hetal graduated from the National University of Singapore in Psychology (2005) and went on to pursue her Honours and Masters in Organizational Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Austraila (2008). Over the years, she has gained certifications in profiling tools such as Genesys (2009), SHL (2009), Facet 5 (2010), Management Potential Evaluation (2011), MBTI Step I (2011), MBTI Step II (2011) and DISC (2011). She has also gained qualifications as a Train The Trainer by HRDF in 2012, Certified Professional Coach by Corporate Coach Academy in 2015 and Certified Deign Thinker in 2017.

Hetal is the CEO of O Psych, a company that has been nominated to take part in largescale transformation projects including Malaysia Airlines, Digi Telecommunications and Petronas that involve 2,000 to 50,000 employees. She has facilitated over 400 workshops on various Leadership topics to various industries and diverse groups in over 10 countries. She has been featured on several media outlets including TV, Radio and Newspaper and speaks regularly in business and HR conferences. Hetal is most sought after her core skills in organizational psychology, evidence-based management theories, energetic psychology and transformation utilizing least resistance. She is most well-known for her analogy and practices on the concept of the “Butterfly Effect”.


An organizational psychologist with a deep passion and fascination with the human mind, heart and performance.



Our Services

Data Driven Transformation Research & Analytics – We conduct research on the organization from a psychological perspective and analyze data the data to produce core insights on the most strategic way to transform the organization from a psychological angle.

O-Psych expertise also includes the following areas:

  1. Corporate Culture Consulting
  2. Talent Selection & Development
  3. Facilitation & Training
  4. Performance Coaching
  5. Outplacement Services

Our biggest commitment is to offer you modern concepts with highly engaging methodologies to push performance forward.

We carry out workshops to clarify the scope of the tansformation and the psychological strategies to ensure the success of the business transformation initiatives.
We enhance targeted leadership resilience primarily through consulting and coaching them into creating clarity about the case for change, the shifts required and the path forward
We enhance team resilience primarily through clarity, cohesion and committed actions. This is our most high impact service with a mere 2-day turnaround in team performance.
We facilitate workshops, townhalls and luncheons to take all employees through an emotionally impactful journey about human transformation and how to ensure psychological resilience during challenging times.


Our Clients

All O-PSYCH workshops have achieved the guarantee of 90% in satisfaction scores.