Most organizations are embarking on business, team and individual transformation for its survival and success. Unfortunately, 87% of the time, these transformation efforts fail and cause incredible amounts of losses to an organization, whilst negatively impacting the well-being of employees, relationships between teams and performance of the organization. The model below shows the typical impact of driving organizational transformation initiatives.


We aim to combine psychology research and theory with practical experience to develop a striving organisation


  • Become the premier consultation centre in resilience and transformation of organization.
  • Strive to build a long term relationship with organisation and use research based evidence to set up the organization for success.
  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise, applying it to the improvement of mental wellbeing, and collaborating both locally and globally with researchers, our community and policy maker.

At O Psych, we exist to increase the success rates of transforming organizations from -87% to +70% by including a psychological approach prior and during transformation journeys. All of our practices are evidence-based and humanized for the most joyful, meaningful and worthwhile transformational experience. The model below shows how our approach creates a far more superior outcomes from a humanistic and organizational perspective.

O Psych’s Goals

In 2022 and 2023, O Psych embarked on a journey to measure Psychosocial Risk, Psychosocial Well-being and Psychological Safety across Corporate Malaysia, with a total of 11,834 respondents from 20 companies across 8 industries
Based on the findings gathered, our 3 aspirational goals are:


Reduce Psychosocial Risk 
In Alignment with ISO 45033
from 36% to 20%


Increase Psychosocial Well-Being
In Alignment with WHO SDG 3 & 8
from 61% to 80%


Increase Psychological Safety 
In Alignment with ESG 
from 66% to 80%

O Psych’s Goals

Since 2021, O Psych embarked on a journey to measure Psychosocial Risk, Psychosocial Well-being and Psychological Safety across Corporate Malaysia, with a total of 7,159 respondents from 24 companies across 10 industries
Based on the findings gathered, our 3 aspirational goals are:

O Psych’s Services

Make work worth it! Increase your organization’s performance without compromising positive team dynamics and well-being via O Psych’s Services

Meet Our CEO - Hetal Doshi

Hetal Doshi is an Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Professional Coach who has been in practise for over 20 years. 

She is a well sought after and loved psychological strategist who helps organizations achieve their success without compromising team dynamics and well-being. She has been appointed to design psychological strategies to achieve business goals in large scale transformation projects including Malaysia Airlines, Digi Telecommunications and PETRONAS that involve anywhere from 2,000 to 50,000 employees.  As an Adjunct Professor to 3 universities, she is famous for her data-driven and evidence-based ‘Butterfly Effect” approach. Her purpose in life is to make work worth-it for all. Her favourite quote is “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.”

She loves climbing the mountains of Nepal, diving, reading classics, painting  and entertaining friends on her infamous Balcony. She serves as a monthly speaker on BFM and has been invited to share her insights on various media outlets, including Capital TV, BERNAMA, and international platforms. Additionally, she has been featured in prominent magazines such as International Business Review Magazine, SME Asia Magazine, and Smart Investor Magazine.

Certifications and Educational Qualifications

  • Adjunct Professor (IUMW Malaysia, Sunway University Malaysia)
  • Advisor for Organizational Psychology (Nottingham University)
  • Certified Professional Coach (Malaysia)
  • Certified HRDF Corporate Trainer (Malaysia)
  • Organizational Psychologist (New South Wales)
  • Certified Psychometric Assessor (SHL, Genesys, MPE, MBTI, DISCT, Facet5)
  • Masters in Organizational Psychology (Macquarie University, Sydney)
  • Honours in Psychology (Murdoch University, Perth)
  • Bachelors in Psychology (National University of Singapore, Singapore)


  • Women Icons Asia Award (2019, Singapore)
  • Leader in Building Mental and Emotional Resilience at Work (2019, Malaysia)
  • Most Impactful Transformation Coach (2019, Malaysia)
  • Learning Leaders of Tomorrow (2019, Malaysia)
  • Training Provider of the Year Award (India, 2018)
  • Outstanding New Trainer Award (India, 2018)
  • Trainer of the Year Award (India, 2018)
  • Top 100 Coaches Award,  Recognized by Marshall Goldsmith (India, 2018)

Meet Our Team

Chiang Jing Ying

Chief Operating Officer of PsychMe 
Consultant @ O Psych

Jesse Ngui Wen Jie

Senior Data Visualizer & Analyst

Vevya Sundaram

Consultant & Researcher

Francesca Therese Lee

Consultant & Researcher

Our Clientele