Most organizations are embarking on business, team and individual transformation for its survival and success. Unfortunately, 87% of the time, these transformation efforts fail and cause incredible amounts of losses to an organization, whilst negatively impacting the well-being of employees, relationships between teams and performance of the organization. The model below shows the typical impact of driving organizational transformation initiatives.


We aim to combine psychology research and theory with practical experience to develop a striving organisation


  • Become the premier consultation centre in resilience and transformation of organization.
  • Strive to build a long term relationship with organisation and use research based evidence to set up the organization for success.
  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise, applying it to the improvement of mental wellbeing, and collaborating both locally and globally with researchers, our community and policy maker.

At O Psych, we exist to increase the success rates of transforming organizations from -87% to +70% by including a psychological approach prior and during transformation journeys. All of our practices are evidence-based and humanized for the most joyful, meaningful and worthwhile transformational experience. The model below shows how our approach creates a far more superior outcomes from a humanistic and organizational perspective.

Meet Our CEO

Hetal Doshi is an Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Professional Coach who was in practice for ten years before setting up O Psych in 2014. Originally from Singapore, Hetal graduated from the National University of Singapore in Psychology (2005) and went on to pursue her Honours and Masters in Organizational Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Austraila (2008). Over the years, she has gained certifications in profiling tools such as Genesys (2009), SHL (2009), Facet 5 (2010), Management Potential Evaluation (2011), MBTI Step I (2011), MBTI Step II (2011) and DISC (2011). She has also gained qualifications as a Train The Trainer by HRDF in 2012, Certified Professional Coach by Corporate Coach Academy in 2015 and Certified Deign Thinker in 2017.

Hetal is the CEO of O Psych, a company that has been nominated to take part in largescale transformation projects including Malaysia Airlines, Digi Telecommunications and Petronas that involve 2,000 to 50,000 employees. She has facilitated over 400 workshops on various Leadership topics to various industries and diverse groups in over 10 countries. She has been featured on several media outlets including TV, Radio and Newspaper and speaks regularly in business and HR conferences. Hetal is most sought after her core skills in organizational psychology, evidence-based management theories, energetic psychology and transformation utilizing least resistance. She is most well-known for her analogy and practices on the concept of the “Butterfly Effect”.

Hetal has also co-founded NextUp Asia, an online media company where she has interviewed Malaysia’s leading Start Up founders, Entrepreneurs and HR Leaders to better raise awareness of the employee landscape. She thoroughly enjoys diving, painting, reading, hosting friends, hiking and being entertained by the creativity and innocence of children.

Her purpose is life is to increase psychological freedom, strengthen performance systems in organizations and remind human beings of the beauty and magic of life and the universe. Her favourite quote is “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it”.


  • Behavioral Economics (In Progress)
  • Certified Padi Diver (Thailand)
  • Certified Professional Coach (Malaysia)
  • Certified Hrdf Corporate Trainer (Malaysia)
  • Registered Organizational Psychologist (Sydney)
  • Certified Psychometric Assessor (Shl, Genesys, Mpe, Mbti, Disc, Facet5)
  • Masters In Organizational Psychology (Macquarie Uni, Sydney)
  • Honours In Psychology (Murdoch Uni, Perth)
  • Bachelors In Psychology (National University Of Singapore, Singapore)