An Invitation

to the

Global Well-being@Work© Movement

13th March 2024
12:00pm - 2:00pm

Venue: Zoom

The Story Behind This Movement ...

Would you agree that if in order for organisations to thrive, employees should thrive? Unfortunately, in the data collected by O Psych since 2021, the level of psychosocial risk (compounded stress) that employees experience are at 34% (high) whilst their levels of psychosocial well-being are at only 62% (moderate low) and their levels of psychosocial safety to talk and negotiate for better work-life experiences is only at 65% (moderate low).

In view of this, the Global Well-Being at Work (W@W) Movement©, a collaboration between Ministries, Universities, Associations and Organizations, is established to accelerate the experience of psychosocial well-being and safety in corporates – globally.


Join us in Global Well-being@Work© Movement. The registration will be closed on 12th March 2024.